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Welcome To The Broadspire TelePlus Home Page

About TelePlus

Broadspire TelePlus accepts claim reports 24 hours 7 days a week by phone, fax, e-mail and internet form to make the process as quick, easy and convenient as possible. We also have an online application available for you to enter your claims directly into our system.

We use a rules based claim intake system. The system is flexible and dynamic, allowing TelePlus to provide a claim intake experience that is quick, accurate, and personalized to suit your reporting needs. Contact your Broadspire Account Manager to set up customized claim intake guidelines.

TelePlus delivers a confirmation of receipt upon completion of a claim. You can customize the confirmation you receive and how it will be sent. We have the capability to distribute your confirmation, notice of loss, and state forms via automatic Fax Back, Email and Land Mail. Confirmation documentation is monitored to ensure distribution methods have successfully completed. Contact your Broadspire Account Manager to set up specific distribution guidelines.

Need To File A Claim?

If you are filing your claim via phone please call 800-753-6737.

You can also file your claim via email, fax, or submit on our internet form for claim types: Workers Compensation, Commercial Liability, Commercial Auto, or Commercial Property.

You are reporting a Workers Compensation claim via
  Internet Form
  E-mail or Fax

You are reporting a Commercial Auto claim via
  Internet Form
  E-mail or Fax

You are reporting a Commercial Liability claim via
  Internet Form
  E-mail or Fax

You are reporting a Commercial Property claim via
  E-mail or Fax

Want To Manage Your Online Claim Intake?

Broadspire TelePlus also has an Online Application that can be used for claim intake.

Benefits of using our online application

  • immediate claim number assignment
  • same level of account customization that you receive using our other reporting methods
  • instant claim intake
  • report multiple claims
  • eliminate manually completing a form to fulfill our other reporting methods
  • each account has access to their own claim intake experience
  • assistance and help messaging is available throughout the claim experience
  • employee information will prefill if your company supplies a file from your human resource system
  • a link can be set up to our application from your companies internal intranet

If your company is interested in online claim intake directly into our application please review the system requirements. If you meet the system requirements set up an ID now. If you are interested but still have questions you can contact our Customer Relations directly at 1-866-830-2383 or review the online frequently asked questions.

Contact TelePlus

(888)335-4823 from 8:15am - 4:30pm CST or email us.

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